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Our returning military endemically suffer from the trauma of war. The Veterans Administration must and will make available to vets and active military a full range of therapies which will allow them to recover and move on to real engagement with life along with their families and communities. 

Both in past wars and today veterans are suffering from conditions which make reentry into life problematical, challenging their physical and emotional health and marginalizing them economically.  While these conditions, Post Traumatic Brain /disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussive Brain Injury,  known during past wars they were not effectively treated, resulting in many veterans finding themselves facing enormous problems which resulted in broken marriages, loss of jobs, health problems, drug and alcoholism, and suicide.  We will change this.  

The cost of treating for these problems is far less than the cost exacted from veterans, and from America, if we fail to ensure veterans get what is needed.  

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

      A proven therapy which is rapid and used routinely in Russia and China today because it is effective and low in cost.  
      Dr. Paul Harch has produced results which can help America's military recover and move on.Once in place, these therapies can also be used for victims of other conditions, lowering our medical costs further.  


      These small and inexpensive units are routinely used for ADHD today.  They work when applied to problems with addiction as well.  

Organic Sulfur 

     Studies done with this show the increased oxygen to the body can reverse symptoms of aging and aids healing. 

MORE on therapies and how you can help vets in your area

Commerce Renewal Grants (see Link) 

     As recovery takes place veterans will move on to productive lives, becoming part of the solution in their local areas.  They will benefit from having the money to start businesses, which will be provided through Commerce Renewal Grants (CRGs).