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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 
The Plan 
Issues and Solutions 

The systemic problem we face is the fact the Federal government, in violation of the Constitution, has extended its powers into areas which were never intended.  To bring it back into balance action must take place at the Federal level, directly from the President, who as CEO of the Executive branch, can stop enforcement of functions which should never have begun.  

At the same time individuals, acting within states, counties, and towns, must take back control of their local governments.  This is doable most rapidly if the present political factions come together and cooperate.  This campaign for President will function as a meeting ground for action to this end.  

Below issues are broken into two categories. "Federal," the agenda I will follow when elected, outlines how the Federal government will transition back to its intended functions.   "State, Local, Individual," the most important part of the plan, what needs to be done to rebuild working infrastructure held directly in the hands of the people.  

State, Local, Individual
Border Security 

Auditing Existing Government 

County Autonomy 


​Local Governance 

Stop the use of Drones
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