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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 

Throwing down the Gauntlet 
Debating the real issues 

The staging for the GOP primary has left Americans gagging and gasping for shreds of sanity and solutions to the real problems which confront us as individuals, as a nation, and across the globe. And while the GOP is bad there is no relief from the other major party.  

Due to careful manipulation and pressure no relevant answers or action have been heard from the present occupant of the White House, who is expected to stand for re-election, presumably on his record and not on his looks or other irrelevancies. 

The office of President could have done much to solve the problems in the last three years. The Obama 
Administration failed miserably to do anything productive, continuing the politics of the previous administration in a smooth transition. Not what anyone anticipated the day Obama was inaugurated.  

Clearly, whatever happened it was not change.  

As a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President this year I am therefore challenging President Barack Obama to a debate on the real issues. Those issues are below, reflected in the platform for my campaign, which calls for a transition to a constitutional federal government, saving and augmenting Social Security, ending the wars, and ratifying the ERA.  

Peace Now - 
End corporate wars across the globe.

Support Our Military - 
Bring our military home with the support needed to ensure their injuries, including PTSD and TBI, do not spell the end of their productive lives.  
Save Social Security - 
Ensure Social Security is not only saved but provides benefits reflecting the money entrusted and compensation for the fraud which systemically took place. - Every retiree should get as much as a member of Congress or the President from federally funded retirement.  

Return to a Constitutional Federal Government - 
Like the camel sneaking into the tent, the Federal government, and office of president, has assumed powers which are explicitly forbidden by the Constitution. My administration will reverse this, providing a transition to a future where the people govern themselves, as envisioned by our founders.  

End Federal Income Taxes - 
The constitution does not provide for this form of taxation. The Pillsbury-Foster Administration will redirect the Agency's mission.  

Return to Sound, Constitutional, Money - 
End the FED. In accordance with the Constitution, allow states to start their own banks and determine their own financial course.  

Hold the Guilty Accountable and Make the Guilty Pay - 
No more slaps on the wrist while the guilty are allowed to keep the loot, for banks, oil companies or other interests who abused our trust. Ill-gotten gains must be returned to the American people to fund our transition back to a Constitutional Republic, along with interest, penalties, and punitive damages. We have the power. We will enforce the judgment. The minimum due: 40 trillion US dollars.  

Affirm Individual Rights - 
Rescind all legislation which attempts to tell people what to do when they harm no one.  

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment 
Simply justice, long overdue. 

Baby steps are for babies. It is time we got serious about both Hope and Change. The debates are about to begin.