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The Melinda for President 
NEWS RELEASE - Pillsbury-Foster Presidential Campaign 
Pillsbury-Foster for President 

ROME, Ohio - Meow-Meow, animal companion to Arthur Foster, eldest son of Democratic candidate for president, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, today  called for Mitt Romney to be strapped to the roof of the car for a trip to the dog house.  

While Meow-Meow, an orange tabby, also known as M&M, is not overly fond of dogs he called all species to move for solidarity on this issue of outrageous cruelty.  M&M pointed out the heinous act included washing the Romney animal hostage down with water when he could not hold himself and then, ignoring the wind-chill factor, returning Seamus to the POW camp on the roof of the car.   (see news report) 

At the same time M&M, calling for an investigation by a to-be-called pack of senators, averred that Romney should not be spayed until or unless there is a second incident.