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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 

Save Social Security
               Social Security is a trust.  It cannot be ended. Provide benefits at the same level as those given to retiring Federal employees - Social Security should bring dignity without worries.  

Federal Retirement
               Cut benefits to all members to Congress and Presidents, bringing them back to the level provided to Social Security recipients..  

Medical Insurance

               Mutual insurance providing what Americans want, not what profits Big Pharma or the AMA.  

Bring Our Military Home - End wars to profit corporations 
               Make sure our veterans come ALL the way home - provide care and rehabilitation for PTSD and TBI routinely and immediately to all               

Enforce accountability for the fraud perpetrated by banks, financial institutions, and their partners.  
               End the taxing function of the IRS - use the agency to trace corporate funds and reclaim our 40 trillion dollars.   

               Use reclaimed funds to provide commerce renewal grants, Reboot the economy through individual action and innovation.
Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment               Simple Justice - Long Overdue Restore the Constitution - People  Governing Themselves Locally. 
Restore the Constitution - People  Governing Themselves Locally.