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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 
Executive Branch 

A strict interpretation of the Constitution will be in force. The President is the CEO of the Federal government. That is all s/he is. The individuals assuming office take an oath to uphold the Constitution and that should always be the bottom line. It was all too easy to sell Americans on the notion government was, itself, sovereign and had rights, sort of like an uppity plumber's helper telling you how to discipline your children. Only people have rights. Rights do not imply obligations attaching to others. A right is the unimpeded freedom to do it for yourself as long as you do no harm to others. Corporations are not persons. The Supreme Court was wrong and this needs to be corrected on all levels. 

To transition to the original mission for the Federal government will require a phase out positions and elimination of regulatory functions which conflict with this new direction. It would, however, be wrong and punitive to do so without providing transitional resources to those who, in good faith, accepted employment in these positions. 

Therefore, Commerce Renewal Grants for business start-ups will be available to present Federal employees, along with support and assistance to ensure their new enterprises succeed. (see Commerce Renewal Grants)

Federal employees who stay will be carrying out jobs which provide services for which Americans are willing to pay voluntarily, becoming a resource center available to the states, as they reconsider their own options, and to individuals.

Many Federal agencies experience problems with employee retention because of frustration with inefficiency and corruption. This will no longer be the case. 

Requests for early retirement will be accepted for those so inclined. 

Departments and agencies which cannot carry out their new mission will be phased out in such a way that the impact on employees is minimized in all instances.