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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 

Today the electoral process is firmly under the control of the combination of the government and corporations.  No candidate you are likely to see on the ballot has a chance of being elected.  So why bother to run, you might ask.  This is why I laughed so hard I fell off the chair when Leon asked me to run in the first place.  I have spend decades watching elections stolen.  This candidacy is about you, the American voter who is really without a good option.  

This strategy depends on you.  It is easy to understand and can be summarized on the front and back of a business card.   Will it work?  It could.  The Plan provides ample motivation and the potential for rapid change which will improve the lives of 99% plus of all Americans.  

This is how it works.  

Write in my name and spell it correctly.  Keep a copy of your ballot and log it in online by precinct, county, and state.  This infrastructure will be available on election day.  

We will be ready to take it to court, here in the US and elsewhere.  We will get a clear reading on the reliability of the electoral process and with enough support we could win.  But the potential of entering 2013 entirely debt free and with enough money to have a secure future for your self and your family is a motivator.  So we will see.  

Here is the one piece of Literature.  It is a business card.  You print them, take them door to door and explain to your neighbors what they stand to get if I am elected.  

Log In Link - Will be active election Day, November 2012 - How much do you want justice?