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2020HomeAbout MelindaCandidate Statement The PlanPlatformMediaThe DebateElection Strategy

The Melinda for President 

From 2012 - Frankly, until we get enough traction to ensure those without conscience are no longer in control, spending money on campaigns at the federal level is a waste of time. 

Keep your action local and build reserves for the last part of summer.  

This campaign is about changing the paradigm you accept as possible.  It looks impossible, so we hope for a savior.  But doing it ourselves is part of the lesson to be learned.  

We are not asking for donations to the campaign.  We provide information.  You put time, energy, and what money you have into the projects we are outlining.   Most campaigns end the first Tuesday in November.  We will just have  really started.  

Right now Local Action includes working on Local Grow alternatives, learning about and providing neurofeedback treatments for PTSD, to veterans and to all Americans who have been traumatized by the  denizens of Greedville. Lives and well being matters.  

Get active at the most local level.  Sign up for our newsletter and receive news and articles on the campaign. 

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We now have enough facts and the solutions to solve the problems.  Feel free to donate!