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Department of Justice 

America's judiciary has been in operation for over 200 years and, as with all institutions, it has become subject to systemic failures. These can be traced to the lack of accountability for judges and the pressure brought to bear by corporate interests, acting in collusion with government. (examples) 

Additionally, a system of courts not foreseen by our Founders have been allowed to come into existence along with licensing which fails to provide any benefits to citizens but rather acts to control individuals, impinging on their individual rights in many areas. These courts need to be closed and licensing for driving automobiles for individual use, marriage, will cease. 

In the 1930s a deal was cut between the states and the Federal government to use Social Security funds to pay off the states. This contract will be canceled. 

Laws limiting personal choices will not be enforced at the Federal level, starting the day I am inaugurated. 

Licensing of marriage will no longer be recognized as legitimate by the Executive Branch. Necessary changes to Federal law will be requested. Family law should be by private contract, either in conjunction with individual's church or other provider. (The True Marriage approach of Professor Stephen Safranek,  When Premises Collide

Using counseling and open disclosure and effective communication, better marriage stability will take place. 

Additionally, federal judges must be bonded to ensure their honesty. Bonding information must be available on the Internet and automatically provided to anyone using the court. (see Honesty Bond) 

The practice of law acts as a limitation on the 1st Amendment and must end. Law that is not understandable by 5th graders should be automatically rescinded. I will enact this at the Federal level and suggest states do the same. 

Children should and will learn how to handle themselves in court using interactive games, beginning in the 5th grade as part of a suggested curriculum, also available online to anyone who wants to learn. The Federal government should have no role in education. However, parents and the schools they choose to fund, either publicly or privately, should strongly consider including this as part of their chosen curriculum. 
The theory of education presently in use today is designed to limit the choices and options of children and should be rejected in favor of systems which allow children to learn using other formats. The Federal government should have nothing to do with education, which should return to the local level and to parents. For more on what would happen with the Department of Education, see below. 

Judicial specialization, Tech Track. Federal judges should not hear cases they are not competent to understand. Tech Track will provide judges who can understand technical issues working along with masters who can facilitate the process in these instances

Andrew Kreig – Attorney General