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The Melinda for President 
Candidate Statement 

War has been declared on Americans. No one election is going to provide a silver bullet. I'm in this for the long haul; it is not over until the war is won and we are, again, a free people. 

Other presidential campaigns are extended public relations efforts where the candidate makes promises which are not kept.  The public hopes, believes and slowly, or more rapidly, the hope runs out after the candidate is elected. Presidential campaigns are about how good it is going to be, IF after the candidate is elected.  It is all over on election day. 

This campaign will not end next November, no matter what the outcome. 

To restore peace, prosperity, justice, and real security we need to pursue two lines of action simultaneously.  One is electing me to the office of president to build transition tools and provide a plan for restoring the role of the federal government to that laid out by the Constitution.  The second, and more important, is to take governance back to the most local level, placing the power in the hands of the people, along with the responsibility at the most local level. 

We will start delivering on our promises now. The plan below is short. It provides the means for local people to learn from each other so taking back their local governments can happen far more rapidly than anyone believes possible.  The method is sharing information on what works, what is important, what does not work, and what is important.  

I am presently carrying this out, with limited resources through my radio show, articles, and online sites. From small things, seeds and acorns, mighty things can grow when the DNA (plan) works. 

This campaign is about your power, your family, your life and the future you want for yourself and your children. That is my motivation and I know we share it. 

When you hold a baby in your arms you want only the best for him. The future we build together is about our children, now living and yet unborn. Close your eyes and see a world at peace, without barriers of greed, war, and fear, a world with clean air, clean water, and time for all the things the world today makes impossible; more time for each of us to know and love each other. 

.We need to get the Federal government out of your way so that states, counties and towns can become the service centers for us that they were intended to be. Government has no rights, only people have rights. Government is good if it serves our purposes, effectively and economically.  It is bad when it is a means of controlling us to deny us choices and so benefit the greed corporations.  

This plan is the subject on which I will debate President Obama, whether or not he wants such a dialog to take place. We will change the frame and regain what has so nearly been lost. 

According to the Constitution the president's job is limited to acting as CEO for the Executive branch of the Federal government. Federal government was intended only to carry out those duties not handled by the states, this limited to the decisions of their citizens. The real power remains directly with the people, handling their personal and business lives without the interference of government. 

Therefore, this campaign for president will focus on what I will do in that job.  Some appointments are already suggested.  At the same time we will provide networking for people and states who would like to return their own lives to the above standard. But this site will also give you a way to take back your state and or county or town, denying the federal government the power of control.  

This campaign needs the help of people who have been through the fire and been proven to stand by their values. Names in the plan below reflect the kind of people I will look to. 

The below pledges cannot be carried out until after election, but the outline below will begin the day I am inaugurated and the transition will be completed within my four-year term of office. No sane person would want to do this for a second term. 

                                                                     The Melinda 

Transition Plan