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The Melinda for President 
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Today I am proud to report that Melinda Pillsbury-Foster has accepted my bid to draft her as a candidate for President of the United States.

We are now establishing a committee and completing paperwork to make her candidacy a reality.

As per my suggestion, she has agreed to run in the Democratic Party primary against President Barrack Obama for the presidential nomination.

I am W. Leon Smith, an independent newspaper publisher in Texas, where I currently publish the Lone Star Iconoclast (www.lonestaricon.com), the newspaper that editorialized against President Bush’s return to the presidency in 2004 when we were located in Crawford.

As someone who has intensely studied politics and government for decades, I can vouch for Pillsbury-Foster’s qualifications for the position she now seeks.

In previous years she has been deeply involved in Libertarian and Republican political venues; however, the Republican Party has evolved into a radical machine whose candidates are literally owned by corporate interests. The same holds true for many candidates tied to the Democratic Party.

One major stumbling block to progress in the United States has been the gridlock caused by parties interfering with individualism. To me, political parties are a major detriment to common sense actions by elected officials and should be eliminated. However, because of current structure, only a proclaimed Republican or Democrat is electable, which needs to change.

I, therefore, encouraged Pillsbury-Foster, who has intricate knowledge on how politics work, to step in and help change the system on behalf of the little guy. She has the knowledge, integrity, honesty, and energy to make this happen.

A radio personality and writer, she has developed plans for America that protect the Constitution, emphasize local communities, and assure accountability of elected officials. She will fight for the well-being of Social Security, for bringing troops home and ending wars, for job creation through development of infrastructure programs here at home, and for bringing America back to the basics of freedom designed by our original founders.

The “occupation movement” has defined many of the dire problems that our country faces and that are continuing to grow, from Wall Street, to Big Oil, to illicit defense contractors, to Big Pharma, to banking monstrosities, to name just a few. Pillsbury-Foster, with her knowledge of how to actually get things done, is the perfect candidate for the 99 percent of Americans who are sick and tired of a federal government that is definitely out of control.

We need a candidate who cannot be bought, who understands what must be done. Pillsbury-Foster knows it is not about being president but about returning our country to the original application of our own Constitution.

As a publisher, I am presented with articles and columns on a daily basis. One writer who provides truth and enlightenment about concepts to bring American away from the brink of meltdown is Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. I have known her for many years and am convinced that her background and insights are unique yet traditional.

As a former active Libertarian she challenged many of the assumptions of other Libertarians. She called it like it was when no other voice had been raised about the relationship between CATO Institute, privatization, and the Kochs. This annoyed and outraged her new friends in Republican circles but she did not stop. She never stops, She has worked for the ERA, a missed step for the Left. She has worked to identify solutions instead of becoming bogged down in the problems.

How do you transition from a centralized system to one which returns control to the people? How many in politics have any answers? Hers make sense. Save Social Security, hold the banks accountable. Ensure vets receive what they need coming home to be part of rebuilding America. Merge all federal retirement programs, including those of Congress and the President. Keep faith with the trust which is Social Security. Ensure justice is the mandate for federal courts – and return the federal government to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Bring our soldiers home NOW.

She is dispassionate, determined, and honest and no one will ever accuse her of being a Barbie brain, like those offered up, by the corporations, to the GOP nomination.

As a former multi-term mayor, I know how politics work. As an investigator, I am aware that much is amiss with accountability in our federal government. Change requires someone with the guts to not just whine about how things are, but to actually put everything on the line to make it happen.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, in my opinion, abundantly meets this definition. I called her and pointed out my desire to draft her to seek the presidency as a Democrat. At first, she laughed so hard she fell off her chair…I heard it, but as we discussed the possibility she realized that my arguments were realistic and made a lot of sense, so she agreed to do what it takes to return integrity to our country. Now, as more and more people are learning about this decision, her support is growing….very fast.

                                                                                                                                    W. Leon Smith 
                                                                                                                                     Editor and Owner, Lone Star Iconoclast 
  A Democratic Campaign for Peace, Justice, Prosperity and the Constitution 
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell
This site is pretty much as it was when it first went up in 2011.  I thought the idea was absurd, but agreed as otherwise it seemed unlikely there would be any real debate with Obama, then running for his second term.  I put up the link, 2020, to inject the Percentage As You Earn into the dialog in the unlikely case someone came across the site.  When Brock and I started working together on June 14, 2016, we immediately agreed to launch a 2-Way Interactive TV network and start a partnership.    
Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association eventually emerged from our discussions.  Our meeting came about because a mutual friend, Howard Hinman, introduced us by telephone.  Lat night Brock asked me to throw my hat in the ring.  This time I am running with no party affiliation to lead us to real debates and real solutions.
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